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Photo: Lapland Material Bank, Jaakko Posti

Important safety instructions

We want you to enjoy a safe visit. Here are some essential safety instructions to ensure you have a great holiday. Enjoy your time here responsibly.

Winter conditions in Lapland

  • Lapland is a very large area, so it can take the emergency services longer to get to you than you might expect. That is why foresight and personal safety awareness are important.
  • The ground is usually slippery. Beware of the slippery conditions whenever you are outdoors.
  • The cold can be dangerous if you are not dressed for it. Always wear warm clothes. Make sure your children also have warm clothing. The wind makes it feel colder. Even at temperatures just below zero, wind can quickly cause frostbite.
  • Bodies of water may appear to be frozen solid, but the ice is often thin, especially near towns. Do not go on the ice unless it is a marked route and you are with a guide. Footprints do not necessarily mean the ice is strong enough.
  • The sun is not up for long in the winter – just a couple of hours of dim light each day. Keep this in mind when you plan trips.


  • If you stay in private accommodation (Airbnb, booking.com, etc.), you and the host should ensure the accommodation is safe. At the very least, check with the host that the smoke alarm works.
  • Ask the host how to use the sauna safely. Never use a sauna to dry clothes or other items!
  • Ask the host how to use the fireplace safely.

Getting around

  • Cross-country skiing tracks are only intended for people on skis. Do not walk or sledge on crosscountry skiing tracks. You can spot a cross-country skiing track by the two parallel lines in the snow – and skiers! Map apps may not distinguish between cross-country skiing tracks and other paths.
  • If you have not used a snowmobile before, it is a good idea to start with a guided tour. When you have more experience, you can rent a snowmobile and plan your own trips.
  • When driving, ensure good visibility. Do not circulate the air inside the car – it will steam up the windows. If the windows are frozen, scrape the ice off before you drive anywhere.
  • Have plenty of warm clothing with you when you travel by car – if you break down or have an accident, it may take time for help to arrive.
  • Make sure you are in a safe place if you want to take photos of reindeer or the northern lights. Do not stop in the middle of the road!

In an emergency, call the emergency number, 112.

We also recommend installing the 112 app on your phone. The app will help us find you more quickly in an emergency.