Finland sends experts in international civil protection to Poland and Slovakia

Ministry of the Interior
Publication date 14.4.2022 10.35 | Published in English on 14.4.2022 at 12.49
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Photo: European Union 2022

The Ministry of the Interior has decided to send two experts to Poland and Slovakia to assist in coordinating the humanitarian assistance needed by people fleeing Ukraine. The experts left Finland on Wednesday evening. The Emergency Services Academy Finland is the employer of the posted experts.

By decision of the Ministry of the Interior, Pelastusopisto – Emergency Services Academy Finland sent on 13 April two experts to Poland and Slovakia as part of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, through which Poland and Slovakia have requested international assistance.

The experts posted by Finland will work as logistics experts as part of the European Union Civil Protection Team. According to a preliminary estimate, the mission will last about three weeks.

Finland is an active provider of expert assistance

International civil protection operations refer to the provision of assistance to other countries and reception of assistance in Finland under international treaties and legislation. Such situations include natural or man-made disasters and incidents when the affected country lacks adequate resources. Finland participates in international civil protection operations through the European Union and international organisations, as well as in accordance with bilateral and multilateral international treaties.

The Ministry of the Interior decides on the provision of international assistance in the field of rescue services, that is civil protection. The Emergency Services Academy Finland is responsible for the training, recruitment and logistics of experts and the practical implementation of international civil protection operations.


Tero Lähdesmäki, Training Officer, Pelastusopisto - Emergency Services Academy Finland, tel. +358 29 545 3430
(operational details related to the mission and international civil protection operations)

Rami Ruuska, Senior Officer for Rescue Services, Ministry of the Interior, tel. +358 50 456 0009
(International civil protection operations)


Ministry of the Interior Pelastustoimi, 6.9.2022 11:38