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Children under school age and families with children 

Material is suitable for families and early childhood education.

  • The pairs of images show a safe and an unsafe alternative. Find the differences between the images together! Illustrations: Janne Toriseva. fire use and safety at home, traffic, the playground
  • Family fire inspection helps you check if you have remembered to take care of the basics of safety at home. You can do the inspection in Finnish, Swedish or English.
  • Palovaari (“Grampa Fire”) teaches children about safety with the help of videos.


The KIDISAFE project implemented by the University of Turku and the Satakunta Rescue Department has produced material suitable for safety education in early childhood education (in Finnish).

Schoolchildren and teenagers

These materials are suitable for school children of different ages.

  • Vaaranpaikka-materials for primary school children: Guide, powerpoint, exercises (in Finnish)
  • The Palojärki-material made by the Finnish National Rescue Association is intended for first and second graders. (in Finnish)
  • The materials of the national NouHätä! rescue skills campaign are intended for pupils in lower secondary school.
  • First-aid fire extinguishing can be learned with the help of a powerpoint and a video. Material is suitable for primary school children.


Adults and workplaces

Piirroskuva palotarkastajasta



Multilingual brochure on smoke detectors and home safety: FinnishSwedish, English, Arabic, Somali and Russian.


Safety information-package with information about useful services and home fire safety tips is available in Finnish and Swedish.

A safety walk at home will help you identify and fix the hazards in your own home. The material is available in Finnish and Swedish

Fire safety in the workplace: 

Liekehtivä päivä (“Day of Flames”) video series by the Rescue Department’s safety trainers presents the most common fire safety risks in the home and how to respond to them. The short videos are also well suited to various training sessions as starting points for discussion.


Short animated videos have been made on first-aid fire extinguishing, evacuation safety and what to do in case of a traffic accident. They can be used in safety communication and training.  

The partnership network of rescue departments has published an easy-to-read guide Safety at home. The guide is also available in Swedish and in Finnish.

The partnership network of rescue departments has produced Safely at home -tv series (in Finnish).