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Plan and practise for a fire

Make sure you know the escape routes

It is important that everyone always knows the escape routes to be used in case of a fire, both at home and in a holiday house. You should pay attention to the escape routes especially in a place which you do not know well: in holiday homes and hotels, when you visit someone, in shopping centres and public spaces, and on ships. Look after your safety and pay attention to your surroundings.

Always know your location!

Get to know your surroundings and take an interest in your and your family's safety. You cannot always escape using the normal exit, which is why everyone needs to know the alternative escape routes. The escape route may be another door, a window or a balcony.

You may only have a few minutes to get out, and this is why the escape routes must be kept clear. Outside doors must never be double-locked, and you must be able to open them easily without the key. If you are planning to escape through a window, make sure that it has fixed opening handles. Modern windows are not easy to break, and you will really not have time to break them.

A fire spreads fast

When a room or a flat is on fire, you must be able to get out quickly, or within two to three minutes after you detect the fire... so you have to get it right!

Make getting into your flat difficult but...

Make sure that escaping is fast and easily!

If your home is on fire

  • if possible, try putting out the fire with a fire blanket or portable fire extinguisher. Do not put your or other people's safety at risk, however
  • go on all fours or crawl if necessary, as smoke and heat tend to rise up
  • close the doors and windows on your way out
  • also help others to get out
  • go all the way out of the building
  • go to a safe place and call 112
  • guide the fire brigade to the scene
  • use the stairs when getting out, you may get trapped in the lift

If there is a fire in a neighbouring flat or in the stairway

  • stay in your flat and keep the door closed – smoke can kill you quickly
  • never go into a smoke-filled stairway
  • call 112
  • seal any gaps around the door and ventilation ducts, for example with a damp towel
  • go to the balcony or an open window and wait for help
  • catch the rescuers' attention by shouting, waving your hands, shaking the blinds or similar.
  • Every flat in a block of flats is a separate fire compartment, which prevents fire and harmful gases from spreading from one compartment to another

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