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About the site and information on

The online service provides information on the activities of rescue services and regional rescue departments and helps users use the online services. The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the website and it is maintained by the Ministry of the Interior's Department for Rescue Services in cooperation with the rescue departments. Each rescue department is always responsible for the content for its own subpage on the site.

About the site web page was last updated 31.8.2023.

We publish content in Finnish, Swedish and English. In the future, some parts of the services and content will also be published in Sámi. The following functions are used to access the site.


  • Home page – The home page contains current events in rescue services in the form of news bulletins and press releases. In addition, the right-hand side lists the currently active rescue services tasks throughout the country. The front page also contains links to key themes, functions and services.
  • Search – The internal search engine helps in finding answers. The site’s search box is in the page header. By default, the search function focuses on the entire content of the website.
  • Feedback – Use the feedback form to send feedback on the actual operations of the rescue departments or to you can target your feedback to the site’s maintenance team. We process feedback during office hours. We make an effort to respond within two weeks if you fill in the contact information. Please do not send confidential information with the feedback form.
  • Rescue departments – In the top menu, then select the rescue department in your area. The web page contains contact details and information on activities and services. If necessary, they also have their own feedback form in use. If there is no feedback form, you can give feedback using the general feedback form (above).
  • Online services  – To access e-services select Online services from the top menu. Here you can also find various instructions and advice. Select the function you want. You can also contact the regional rescue department directly.
  • Social media  – Views of the different rescue departments’ social media channels have been placed on the website. The website does not send visitor information through social media extensions.
  • Official matters  – If you want to initiate an official case or make a legally binding notification, see whether you can do so in the online services. Otherwise, contact the rescue department in your area. Rescue departments and their contact details can be found under Rescue departments in the top menu.

Web browsers and terminal devices

The web service is responsive and the content is scaled according to the terminal device. Pages look best and work better if you're using the latest browser versions.

If the site doesn’t look right on your device, please submit information about your device, operating system, and browser using the web service feedback form to resolve the issue.

File downloads and reader applications

Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary for reading PDF files, and it can be downloaded free of charge from the web. Webcasts and video recordings have also been embedded in the online service. They usually open as streams from a separate server in a format supported by your terminal device.

The online service provides information on current news and press releases, on-going rescue services tasks, rescue service vacancies, events and campaigns. The online service also provides news and event material as RSS feeds.


Accessibility means that as many different kinds of people as possible can use the website as easily as possible.

The website’s technical specifications aim to meet accessibility criteria.

Provide accessibility feedback by email to or via the feedback form.

Read the website’s accessibility statement.


You can provide immediate feedback on the content of the site by responding to the question in Finnish "Palveliko tämä sisältö sinua?" (Did this content help you?). You can answer Kyllä = Yes, Auttoi osittain = Hepled partially and Ei = No. Based on provided feedback, we will improve the content of the service. If they do not open, you have restricted the elements displayed in the online service by accepting only the necessary cookies. Please note that these feedback surveys (marked with xxxx) will automatically reject all personal data and contact details provided.

Enter feedback that requires your personal data and contact details under "Give feedback" in the submenu. Our aim is to respond to user feedback and contact requests within two (2) weeks. User data is only stored during the processing of feedback. The information security of feedback forms has not been ensured. Do not enter personal information such as a personal identity code in the form. Thank you!

Site privacy and terms of use

The Ministry of the Interior is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of visitors in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Terms of use and use of cookies

We use cookies on our site to improve your experience. A cookie is a small text file that is temporarily stored on the user's device. Cookies are used to manage your web browser's visiting information on the site. They do not collect or store personal data. Third-party social media plugins used in the online service may set cookies from their own services in accordance with their policies.

By accepting all cookies, you facilitate the analysis of service use and development based on user data as well as the various embedded social media contents on the site. Analytics is described in more detail below.

By accepting only the necessary cookies on the website, you will prevent the use of the analytics service when you use the website. In this case, certain parts of the web service will not be available to you.

You can also manage cookies directly in your browser settings. Please note that the services may not work optimally in this case.

The online service will retain your choices (permanent cookies) for one year. Session-specific cookies are deleted at the end of the session.


Information on site visits based on Siteimprove and Snoobi analytics used by the rescue services is collected from the online service. only uses this data for the development of online services. General statistics on the use of website are collected, including:

  • downloaded web pages
  • time
  • IP address (anonymised)
  • web browser and operating system

More detailed information on analytics is available on Siteimprove’s website and at

React & Share

The online service also includes Askems React & Share Analytics related to the content feedback tool. It collects information on the number of visits to the website, but not on visitors. Visitors can also use it to provide feedback on the maintenance of the online service.

Copyright to text, images and other content

The use of materials from the online service and links to these are permitted in contexts that are in accordance with good practice. We hope that the source will be marked at least as "" or in more detail. Depending on the publisher, either the Ministry of the Interior's Department for Rescue Services or the regional rescue departments hold the rights to all published materials. As a rule, the use of the materials is prohibited. A separate permit is always required for use. The materials may not be saved, copied, manipulated or altered.

Processing of personal data

The Ministry of the Interior processes disclosed personal data carefully and lawfully. We ensure appropriate data protection. We only store contact details and other data provided by the user themself that we can use to respond to the user’s contact requests, questions, or other feedback.

Our aim is to respond to user feedback and contact requests within two (2) weeks. User data is only stored during the processing of feedback.

Contact details for people, companies and other entities are requested for statutory notifications in the Online Service. The data is only used as required in the processing of the matter and in decision-making, unless otherwise stated in the notification. The relevant legislation and processing are described in the notices. The data will not be stored nor will it be disclosed to third parties unless the processing of the matter so requires.

Regional rescue departments process personal and customer data in accordance with their own data protection practices. For rescue department-specific data protection practices, see the website for the rescue department in your area.

Social extensions

The website contains links to third-party websites and so-called social extensions such as Facebook social plug-ins. Third-party maintained plugins are downloaded from the services' own servers. The online service does not send its visitors' data through social extensions.

Services or applications provided by a third party are always subject to the terms and conditions of the party in question.

Legal reservation

We make every effort to ensure that the information in the online service content is accurate and up to date.

The Ministry of the Interior is not responsible for any costs or damage caused to the user by any errors in the content of the online service. It is also not responsible for the harm caused by a technical disruption or for the online material produced by others, to which there is a link on the website.

The Ministry of the Interior reserves the right to update, review and modify the terms of use, content and appearance of this online service. In addition, the Ministry of the Interior has the right to close the online service at any time without a reason. Such situations include maintenance, repair or updating. If they so want, the user can check the current terms of use on this page.

The terms of use and their interpretation are governed by Finnish law, with the exception provisions concerning conflict of laws.