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Oil tank inspection

Underground oil tanks in important groundwater areas must be inspected regularly. The first inspection of tanks must be carried out within 10 years of their commissioning. Subsequent inspections are scheduled based on the condition of the tank. Local environmental protection regulations and requirements may differ, so check your local environmental protection regulations.

The inspections must be carried out by an operator approved by Tukes. Approved operators can be checked in the Tukes register (In Finnish).

Inspection of oil heating systems

The commissioning of oil heating systems must be reported to the rescue authority. The rescue authority inspects oil heating systems within three months of their commissioning. Oil heating systems must also be inspected if their structure is substantially changed. Substantial changes include

  • replacing the tank or adding more tanks,
  • adding a preheater to the oil piping,
  • replacing oil piping, and
  • replacing the burner with a more efficient one or adding more burners.

Read more:

Decision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry on Oil Heating Systems 314/1985, section 48 (In Finnish)
Government Decree on the Control of the Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals 685/2015, section 39 (In Finnish)