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Handling and storage of hazardous chemicals is divided into small and large-scale. The extent of activities is determined on the basis of the hazard and quantity of the chemicals. Instructions and a calculator for determining the extent of activities can be found on Tukes’ website, in Finnish.

Minor industrial handling and storage of chemicals is controlled by the rescue authority.

Storage of LPG quantities between 200 kg and 5 t is considered minor storage of LPG, so the storage must be reported to the Rescue Department. For larger quantities, the notification must be submitted to the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency.

Minor industrial handling and storage of chemicals and LPG must be reported to the rescue authority using the form below. Send the form to: Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department, Palomiehentie 1, 02750 ESPOO or by e-mail to lansi-uusimaa(a) Mark the envelope with “Kemikaali-ilmoitus” (Chemical report).

Form: Handling and storage of hazardous chemicals, in Finnish

Storage of flammable liquids and flammable gases in a commercial building

The maximum quantity of flammable liquids and gases in shops and shopping centres depends on the level of protection of the site and the hazard classification of the hazardous chemicals. The quantities of flammable liquids and gases must be kept as low as possible on the shop premises. The quantity of LPG inside a shop must not exceed 25 kg. In addition, the shop building may have separate stores of aerosols, flammable liquids or LPG, which form their own fire compartment. The spread of flammable liquids on shop premises outside the place reserved for storage of flammable liquids must be prevented, for example, by using containment bunds. More detailed instructions can be found in Tukes’ guide, in Finnish.

Government Decree on the Monitoring of the Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals (685/2015), in Finnish.

Guides and forms prepared for national use are compiled on the website, in Finnish.

Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department service fees

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