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Read the information and instructions provided. See mandatory(*) attachments required for notification, section 2. You can also provide additional information as additional attachments. Before filling out the notification, make sure that you have all attachments ready. Please note, that the attachments max. total size is 7 mb. If you want to save or print the notification, read the instructions in Print (at the end of the notification).

Acts, obligations and instructions

Legal basis:

Duty to notify, Rescue Act (379/2011), section 42 (FI)

If the authorities, as part of their official duties, notice or otherwise find out about a manifest risk of a fire or other accident in a building, flat or other site, they shall, notwithstanding any secrecy provisions, notify regional rescue authorities of the matter. The duty to notify also applies to municipalities, other bodies governed by public law and their employees, and the operators referred to in section 18(2) of the Rescue Act responsible for maintaining care institutions and organising service and supported housing and their employees.

In urgent cases of emergency, the notification must always be made to the common emergency number 112.

Carefully fill out your own contact details. We will contact you if we need more detailed information related to the notification.


Free of charge.

Submitting the notification

Electronically:  Fill out the notification, "Print" a copy and click "Submit". Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
By post:  The notification can also be sent by post. Fill out the form and click Print. Be sure to include all the necessary attachments in the letter. Mail the notification to the address of the regional rescue department concerned. Check the address of the regional rescue department.

If you need a blank form, jump to the end of the form and click Print.

The data will be processed at the rescue department of the municipality associated with the report. For more information the description of file, privacy policy and processing of your personal data, see the website of your local rescue department.

Attachments to the notification

Notifier's details

Notification section - Fill out the notification

Select from the following options those that describe the general situation

If the reason for the notification relates to the amount of goods in the apartment, select from the following the options that correspond to the estimated amount of goods in the apartment:

If needed, click and see the series of photos for illustration (the link opens to a new window).

Notification section – Submit


If you want to save or print the report, please select the Print button before submitting. You can save the report in the Print window by selecting ’Save as PDF’ or ’Print as PDF. You can print or save a blank form, if needed. Not all browsers support saving the report form. After saving/printing, go to Submit.


Select Submit to finish. You will receive a message that your form has been successfully submitted. If you do not receive a message, check that you filled in all the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*). Also check that the total size of the attachments does not exceed 7 MB and that you used the correct file formats. The information is sent to and processed by the regional rescue department of the municipality indicated on the report.