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Palomies pumpulla

Attention to safety

When you light candles indoors or outdoors, pay attention to avoiding fires and anticipate things that could happen. You are always responsible for a fire you have lit.

A candle has a naked flame, too.

Be careful and do not spoil the cosy feeling it creates...

Safety with candles

  • have first aid firefighting equipment handy
  • place the candle on a sturdy, non-flammable base intended for candles or a candle holder
  • to prevent bending or melting, do not leave a candle in sunlight or near some other heat source
  • place candles in a safe location. Make sure that the flame cannot reach the curtains or other decorations
  • keep candles far enough apart. If you place tealights too close together, for example, they may catch fire and burn together as a large flame, causing a house fire 
  • do not move a lighted candle or leave it unattended. When you leave the room, put out the candles 
  • put candles in a place where children and animals cannot reach them. Keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach. Do not leave children or animals alone in a room with lighted candles
  • preferably put candles out by suffocating them

Safety with outdoor candles

  • have first aid firefighting equipment handy
  • do not light outdoor candles indoors, on a balcony or on a deck
  • make sure that an outdoor candle is placed far enough away from buildings. Depending on its size, a distance of three to ten metres is recommended
  • when placing outdoor candles along a pathway, make sure that people’s clothes cannot catch fire as they walk past
  • put the outdoor candle on a non-flammable base and a sturdy dish or holder. If you put it in snow, note that the heat will melt the snow and may cause a risk of splashing
  • always keep an eye on an outdoor candle. Do not leave children or pets alone with a lighted outdoor candle
  • do not light an outdoor candle in windy weather. Wind may overturn the candle
  • rain may cause a risk of splashing. Do not light an outdoor candle when it rains!

Swedish candles and other large outdoor torches

  • should be placed 5 to 10 m away from structures and pathways, as sparks from the candles may fly far
  • a modern ‘Swedish candle’ is a welded iron cylinder in which pieces of wood can be burned
  • the safest way to light a Swedish candle is to use tarry wood chips or other solid kindling
  • in calm conditions, a thick dry block of wood will burn for several hours, but windy weather significantly reduces this time
  • a Swedish candle is not suitable for use by private individuals in towns and cities. The gardens are small, and the candle cannot be placed far enough from buildings (recommendation of the rescue authorities)
  • Swedish candles are suitable for public events where the organisers are obliged to prepare a rescue plan and monitor the safety of the Swedish candle.

Everyone should be careful and cautious to avoid the risk of fire and the damage caused by it.

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