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The work of the rescue services and the ongoing rescue service reform are guided by the Rescue Services Strategy. The vision of the Strategy is ‘A safe and resilient Finland – through cooperation’.

We will enhance the safety of society under all circumstances – even emergency conditions – in collaboration with other actors, and remain close to people:

  • by reducing the number of accidents
  • by maintaining responsibility for the rescue operations
  • by participating in the maintenance and development of civil emergency preparedness
  • by limiting the consequences of accidents under all circumstances and by making more effective use of the rescue services’ preparedness in society, and
  • by providing first response and emergency medical services as agreed with health services.

National rescue objectives

The rescue services has an overall picture of the risks to society based on continuous analysis.

As well as risk-bearing capabilities.

The rescue service is a strong coordinator of civilian preparedness and a trusted partner.

The rescue service has uniform services throughout the country.

The rescue services shares awareness and responsibility for safety.

The rescue service develops actively its own operating methods.

Behind all this is a well-being staff.