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First aid firefighting equipment - what is it?

First aid firefighting equipment means easily accessible equipment suitable for putting out small fires as they start.

They include portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, stirrup pumps and fire blankets.
When a fire breaks out, it is important to try and put it out as quickly as possible. Always try first aid firefighting if at all possible. This will minimise any damage. Select suitable equipment and always keep it in a place where you can see and get hold of it easily.

Buy first aid firefighting equipment. Get to know the equipment, practise with it and learn to use it.

Maintenance and inspections

The owner of a flat must ensure that the fire extinguishers and alarms which the authorities have made compulsory are kept in working order and maintained.

A portable fire extinguisher must be taken to a maintenance company for an inspection every two years. The inspection must be carried out every year if the extinguisher is exposed to vibration, humidity or changing weather conditions. Maintenance and inspections of portable fire extinguishers may only be carried out by companies approved by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency. Fire hose reels must be inspected annually, and the hoses are pressure tested every five years.

Where can I buy fire extinguishers?

In addition to maintenance companies, first aid firefighting equipment is also available in hardware stores and shops selling household appliances as well as car and boating accessory stores.

What should I do with an empty fire extinguisher?

You can take an empty portable fire extinguisher to the nearest metal collection point. A pressurised extinguisher can be taken to the nearest maintenance company, which will dispose of it. A used fire blanket can be dumped with mixed waste. A fire blanket can only be used once.

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