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Pumping water – an efficient way to put out a fire

Stirrup pump

A stirrup pump is a good and reliable water extinguisher. It typically has a 12-litre water container made of metal, a hose and a manual pump for pumping water at the flames. 

Instructions for use: Point the hose (water jet) at the base of the flames and pump water at the burning object.

The stirrup pump is efficient and easy to use. Its extinguishing effect is based on cooling, and it is well suited for putting out fires in organic, solid and fibrous substances.

Fire hose reel

The fire hose reel is used for first aid firefighting. It is placed in a protective cabinet, which is attached to the wall. The fire hose reel is connected to the water mains of the property. It consists of a valve that you open manually, a hose, a reel and a nozzle. The advantage of the fire hose reel is that it will not run out of water as long as the property has a functioning water supply.

Instructions for use: Open the cabinet, unroll the hose on the floor, open the shut-off valve, move closer to the fire, point the nozzle at the fire (at the base of the flames), open the nozzle and put out the fire.

The extinguishing effect of the fire hose reel is based on cooling, and the hose is suitable for putting out almost all types of fires. Water should not be used to put out a fire in high-voltage electrical equipment, however.

Property owners/occupants are responsible for maintaining and inspecting the fire hose reel.

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