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A fire blanket is effective in first aid firefighting

Fire blankets are easy-to-use and inexpensive firefighting equipment for use in your home and leisure time. The blanket is made of a fabric reinforced with glass fibre, and it can withstand temperatures of several hundreds of degrees for a short while. It puts out the fire by smothering it. Always purchase a fire blanket that is sufficiently large. When putting out a fire, it is important that you can protect yourself and fully cover the object that is on fire. The recommended size is 120x180cm.

A fire blanket is ideal for putting out fires in electrical equipment and small grease fires, including when a deep fat frier tank catches fire. A fire blanket is also one of the best options if a person's clothes catch fire. It is a good idea to practise using a fire blanket. 

Using a fire blanket correctly and effectively has helped to avoid major personal injuries and damage to property.

A fire blanket is usually intended for a single use, and you can dump it with normal mixed waste. Look up and read the manufacturer's disposal instructions.

Instructions for using a fire blanket

  • always fix the blanket onto the wall near a potential cause of fire (washing machine, dishwasher, fridge or freezer, grill)
  • Use the two tapes to pull the blanket out and spread it out fully
  • Hold on to the tapes or grasp the corners and protect your hands behind the blanket
  • outdoors/in windy conditions, put one foot on the bottom of the blanket and approach the fire from downwind
  • when you get near the fire, stretch your arms straight out: the blanket will shield you from the flames and smoke
  • get as close as you can to the burning object
  • spread the blanket over the flames and move away, always leaving the blanket in place
  • go to a safe place and call 112 for help
  • continue putting out the fire with other first aid firefighting equipment and extinguishers if possible

Pictures show how to use fireblanket

If a person or their clothes are on fire

  1. tell the person to lie down on the ground, or try to push them down
  2. grab the blanket and approach the person from the side or from the direction of head and shoulders and place the blanket over him or her
  3. DO NOT COVER THE PERSON’S HEAD WITH THE BLANKET. FIRST PROTECT HIS OR HER AIRWAYS by sealing the neck area well. Continue sealing from the upper body down and along the sides
  4. call 112, give immediate first aid
  5. use water to cool the person down if possible

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