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The Western Uusimaa region has 12 permanent fire stations with more than 90 employees on constant stand-by, ready to respond to fires and accidents. 

In addition, the Rescue Department has concluded agreements regarding rescue operations with 48 contract fire brigades. These include volunteer fire brigades, industrial fire brigades, military fire brigades and maritime rescue associations.

Five of the fire stations are located in Espoo. The other stations are located in Hanko, Karjaa (Raseborg), Karkkila, Kirkkonummi, Lohja, Nummela (Vihti) and Tammisaari (Raseborg).
Ingå, Kauniainen and Siuntio do not have a fire station with a permanent unit of the Rescue Department on stand-by. However, there are contract fire brigades (VPK) in these areas.

The Emergency Response Centre always dispatches the most appropriate rescue unit to the site of an accident or incident with the aim of providing help as fast as possible. The unit arriving at the site may have been dispatched from a permanent fire station and/or a contract fire brigade.

Fire stations on the map (Google maps)

Linkkiä painamalla siirryt kyseiseen osioon:

Espoonlahti fire station Hanko fire station Ingå fire station Karjaa fire station
Karkkila fire station Central fire station Kirkkonummi fire station Leppävaara fire station
Lohja fire station Mikkelä fire station Niittykumpu fire station Nummela fire station Tammisaari fire station 

Western Uusimaa fire stations in alphabetical order

Espoonlahti fire station 

Rehtorintie 2, 02360 Espoo
Espoonlahti fire station.

Hanko fire station 

Sillikuja 9, 10960 Hanko

Hanko fire station.

Ingå fire station

only emergency medical care unit

Laiduntie 8, 10210 Inkoo

Ingå fire station.

Karjaa fire station

Ratakatu 9, 10300 Karjaa

Karjaa fire station.

Karkkila fire station 

Yrittäjäntie 22, 03600 Karkkila

Karkkila fire station.

Central fire station

Palomiehentie 1, 02750 Espoo

Central fire station.

Kirkkonummi fire station

Upinniementie 56, 02480 Kirkkonummi

Kirkkonummi fire station.

Leppävaara fire station

Portinvartijantie 1, 02650 Espoo

Leppävaara fire station.

Lohja fire station

Harjunseläntie 4, 08200 Lohja 

Lohja fire station.

Mikkelä fire station

Espoontie 4, 02770 Espoo
Mikkelä fire station.

Niittykumpu fire station

Niittyportti 1, 02200 Espoo

Niittykumpu fire station.

Nummela fire station

Asemantie 61, 03100 Nummela

Nummela fire station.

Tammisaari fire station

Oikotie 7, 10650 Raasepori

Tammisaari fire station.

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