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Rescue operations

Helsinki Rescue Department has 12 rescue stations throughout the city. For fire-fighting and rescue missions, the Emergency Response Centre alerts the nearest rescue unit, which exists at all rescue stations.

Emergency medical service

The personnel of Helsinki Rescue Department’s emergency medical service comprises approximately 75 full-time paramedics and more than 500 rescue paramedics, who have received training in both rescue and emergency medical services.

Accident prevention

We produce accident prevention services, which include, for example, training, campaigns, monitoring, counseling and multi-channel communication, as well as active activities in social media.

Safety communications

Our safety education aims to ensure that children and young people have basic knowledge of safety and a strong sense of security.

Civil defence in Helsinki

The civil defence duties of the rescue authorities include warning the population, evacuation, directing people into civil defence shelters and fire-fighting and rescue operations. 

Supervision and fire inspections

The fire inspection ensures that the owner, occupant and operator of the building have taken care of the prevention of fires and other dangerous situations.

Advice for structural fire safety

We guide planners and those starting a construction project regarding structural fire safety.