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Fire risk notification

Authorities must notify the rescue authority of any apparent fire hazard or other accident risk they detect in the course of their official duties or otherwise (Section 42 of the Rescue Act).

The obligation to notify also applies to municipalities, other public sector bodies and their employees. The operator responsible for the maintenance of the care facility and the provision of sheltered and supported housing and the staff employed by the operator are also obliged to report any identified hazard.

The notification may also be submitted by a private operator or person.

You can submit the notification using the fire risk notification form.

Please note that the handling of the notification requires contact by the rescue authority for further information, so please leave your current contact details in the notification to facilitate the smooth handling of the case.

Examples of possible hazards and risks

  • The dwelling does not have functioning smoke detectors (requirement at least one smoke detector per starting 60m2 on each floor)
  • A significant amount of goods/waste has accumulated in the dwelling and/or its immediate surroundings, which makes it difficult to operate in the dwelling or use the exit routes.
  • There is a risk that a fire may ignite and spread exceptionally quickly, for example, if excess items are stored on the stove or in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace.
  • The sauna is full of things or there are items in the immediate vicinity of the stove.

Additional information

On-duty fire inspector, tel. 029 151 2512, weekdays 9:00–11:30. 

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