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There are 22 rescue departments in Finland, which are managed by municipalities and which carry out rescue service duties in their regions. Rescue departments cooperate with other authorities and with local residents and communities in the prevention of accidents and maintenance of security. The goal of the Rescue Act is to enable individuals, owners and occupants of buildings, and business and industrial operators to prevent accidents within their living environments and activities, and to prepare for the limitation and avoidance of the losses and consequences of accidents. Everyone can create a safer life and environment through their own activities. 

Security is co-operation!

Finland sent medicines and medical supplies to Ukraine
On 16 May, Finland sent medicines and medical supplies to Ukraine. The assistance was provided through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism. According to the European Commission, Ukraine urgently needs medicines, fuel, back-up generators and water purification tablets.
Press release Rescue services, 25.5.2022 14:23
Finnish and Estonian interior ministers meet in Tallinn
Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen will visit Tallinn on 2–3 May and meet Estonian Minister of the Interior Kristian Jaani. The Ministers will discuss topics including the situation in Ukraine, the reception of people who have fled Ukraine, provision of international assistance and civil defence.
Press release Rescue services, 2.5.2022 13:49
Finland and Sweden engage in extensive and diverse cooperation in preparedness issues
Cooperation in maintaining and developing civil preparedness is an important part of the joint preparedness of Finland and Sweden. The heads of the authorities responsible for preparedness in the two countries will meet in Helsinki on Friday 29 April. The bilateral meeting is the first of its kind, and the topics on the agenda will include civil preparedness, security of supply and cyber matters. 
Press release Rescue services, 29.4.2022 8:01
Finland sent additional civilian material assistance to Ukraine and Moldova
On 14 April, Finland sent two ambulances and rescue service supplies to Ukraine and medical supplies to Moldova. In addition, a donation of medicinal products was delivered to Ukraine. The material assistance was provided through the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism. 
Press release Rescue services, 22.4.2022 13:14
Finland sends experts in international civil protection to Poland and Slovakia
The Ministry of the Interior has decided to send two experts to Poland and Slovakia to assist in coordinating the humanitarian assistance needed by people fleeing Ukraine. The experts left Finland on Wednesday evening.
Press release Rescue services, 14.4.2022 10:35
Finland sends additional material assistance to Ukraine
Over the past few weeks, Finland has been sending civilian material assistance to Ukraine and neighbouring regions. The most recent assistance package was sent on 5 April and consisted of two ambulances and a variety of rescue service supplies.
Press release Rescue services, 5.4.2022 16:00
Proposal for amending the Rescue Act and the Act on the Emergency Services Academy sent out for comments
The Ministry of the Interior has sent out for comments a draft proposal for amending the Rescue Act and the Act on the Emergency Services Academy. Comments on the draft will be accepted until 20 May 2022.
Press release Rescue services, 8.4.2022 9:02
The alarm system will be tested again on 4 April
This is an ordinary monthly test of the alarm system. The test helps with detecting potential faults in the alarm equipment. The test signal is sounded on the first Monday of each month that is not a holiday at 12 noon. Rescue departments and the Emergency Response Centre Agency take care of testing the alarm.
Rescue services, 1.4.2022 16:13
Finnish and Swedish ministers to discuss bilateral cooperation and changes in the security environment
Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen and Sweden's Minister for Justice and Home Affairs Morgan Johansson will meet in Finland on 16 March to discuss the countries' cooperation in civil preparedness, rescue services and the implementation of the police cooperation agreement.
Press release Rescue services, 16.3.2022 9:04
Government proposes to expand responsibilities of owners of nuclear facilities and production facilities in radiological emergencies
Government proposes amendments to the Rescue Act to ensure that it meets the requirements of the EU’s Basic Safety Standards Directive. The legislative amendments would expand site owners’ responsibilities for damping down, clearing and security at the site under the Rescue Act.
Press release Rescue services, 24.3.2022 14:41

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Accident prevention, rescue operations, preparedness and civil defence form a coherent system in Finland that covers all types of incidents from daily accidents to major disasters. In the event of an accident or the threat of one, effective measures are taken to bring people to safety, secure vital functions and limit the impact of the accident.

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