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There are 22 rescue departments in Finland, which are managed by municipalities and which carry out rescue service duties in their regions. Rescue departments cooperate with other authorities and with local residents and communities in the prevention of accidents and maintenance of security. The goal of the Rescue Act is to enable individuals, owners and occupants of buildings, and business and industrial operators to prevent accidents within their living environments and activities, and to prepare for the limitation and avoidance of the losses and consequences of accidents. Everyone can create a safer life and environment through their own activities. 

Security is co-operation!

Chernobyl marked a turning point in the evolution of radiation monitoring
A new study illustrates the development of radiation monitoring from the 1950s nuclear tests up to the present day. It showcases the role of the Chernobyl accident in the improvement of radiation monitoring.
Rescue services, 27.4.2021 9:21
112 Day celebrated virtually on 11 February
The EU-wide Emergency Number Day will be celebrated on 11 February 2021. This year, the campaign will be organised virtually under the theme “Safety belongs to all of us”.
Rescue services, 11.2.2021 10:42

Ensihoitajat ja ambulanssi

Pelastustoimi -reliable and efficient

Accident prevention, rescue operations, preparedness and civil defence form a coherent system in Finland that covers all types of incidents from daily accidents to major disasters. In the event of an accident or the threat of one, effective measures are taken to bring people to safety, secure vital functions and limit the impact of the accident.

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