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Key statutes relevant to rescue services

Rescue Act

The Rescue Act (379/2011) contains provisions on the duty of each person and company to prevent fires and other accidents as well as on the rescue authorities’ tasks. The purpose of the Rescue Act is to improve the safety of people and to reduce the number of accidents. Its objectives further include ensuring that when there is the threat of an accident or when an accident has occurred, people are rescued, important functions are secured and the consequences of the accident are successfully limited. 

Act on Emergency Response Centre Operations    

The purpose of the Act on Emergency Response Centre Operations (692/2010) is to promote the safety of the population, to organise the provision of Emergency Response Centre services, and to improve service availability and quality. The Act applies to Emergency Response Centre services provided by the rescue services, the police and the social and health services as well as to the Emergency Response Centre Administration. 

Act on the Emergency Services Academy

The Act on the Emergency Services Academy (607/2006) contains provisions on the tasks and administration of the Emergency Services Academy, the training provided by the Academy, and the students’ rights and obligations.

Act on Rescue Equipment

The purpose of the Act on Rescue Equipment (10/2007) is to ensure that rescue equipment is safe and fit for purpose, and that it is compliant with the applicable requirements to the extent that it can be freely placed on the market and released for use. The objectives of the Act include ensuring through correct installation, maintenance and inspections that rescue equipment operates efficiently and reliably in its intended use.