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Our values include acting professionally, humanely, reliably and in cooperation.


We improve the safety of people and reduce the number of accidents:

  • We provide advice, guidance, training and inspections.
  • We save lives and property, protect the environment and respond to emergencies.
  • We are always on duty.

Vision 2030

We are reliable and valued professionals.
We have improved the safety of our environment. We operate in a customer-oriented manner.
Our personnel is committed, motivated and thriving.

Strategic objectives

To boldly and purposefully develop our activities and foster a culture of experimentation.
To assess and develop the quality of our operations.
To ensure that our resources meet the performance requirements.
To support the professional development of our personnel.
To promote the well-being of our personnel and strengthen internal cooperation.
To improve our management system and the sustainability of our operations.


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Further information

CEO of Rescue Services

Situation Centre, tel. 029 151 2112


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