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Take care when burning branches

Many urban area municipalities have a total ban on the burning of branches, felling residues and leaves in an open fire, a barrel or other similar container in their urban areas. Confirm from your municipality's environmental or waste management authorities, that the burning is allowed.

If you light a fire, you are responsible for it - always!

Whenever you light a fire, make sure that the smoke will not cause any problems for the environment or your neighbours.

Everyone should be careful and cautious to avoid the risk of fire and the damage caused by it. Dry conditions and wind, in particular, cause a fire hazard and increase the risk of the fire going out of control. Always check any warnings issued by the Finnish Meteorological Institute that may be in force. Under wildfire warning an open fire is always forbidden.

Do you live in the countryside?

You need to be particularly careful and cautious when burning branches and leaves if you live in the countryside. If the smoke formation caused by the burning is abundant, send following notification to the regional rescue department. Make notification of lighting fire

Note before lighting fires

  • Do not light fires near buildings or electrical cables.
  • Before you light a fire, have firefighting equipment handy, also to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Keep an eye on the fire at all times, as the wind may suddenly cause it to spread.
  • You may only light a fire if you can do it without causing a nuisance to your neighbours – ask them first.
  • Rather than burning branches and plant wastes, the environmental and waste management authorities recommend that you compost them in your garden or bring them to a waste disposal centre.
  • Burning waste is never allowed. It is banned under municipal waste management regulations.
  • You should check the regulations of the municipality in which you have your holiday house. They may differ from the regulations of the municipality you live in.
  • Under municipal regulations, you may have to notify of burning branches and felling residues outside urban areas before you light the fire. It can also be denied.
  • Whenever you light a fire, you must make sure that the smoke does not harm the environment or cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

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Be extra careful with open fire and also remember to put your fire down

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