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Read the information and instructions provided. See mandatory(*) attachments required for notification, section 2. You can also provide additional information as additional attachments. Before filling out the notification, make sure that you have all attachments ready. Please note, that the attachments max. total size is 7 mb. If you want to save or print the notification, read the instructions in Print (at the end of the notification).

Acts, obligations and instructions

Legal basis:

Act on the safe handling and storage of dangerous chemicals and explosives 390/2005, sections 91 and 92 (In Finnish) 

Government Decree on monitoring the manufacturing and storage of explosives 819/2015, section 63

The use of fireworks without a written notification and decision is only allowed at the turn of the year from 31 December at 18:00 to 1 January at 02:00. See also the instructions given by local rescue departments concerning fireworks and potential prohibited areas.

If the fireworks are arranged as part of a public event, they must be notified to the police. This also applied to cases where fireworks of Class 2 and 3 (consumer fireworks) are let off at an event that is not organised by a private individual. Further information is available on the police website (FI).

The users of fireworks are responsible for ensuring that the following preconditions are met:

  1. Fireworks may only be handed over to a person over 18 years old.
  2. The instructions given by the manufacturer are to be complied with in the use of fireworks.
  3. The fireworks display is not arranged when the Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a forest fire or grass fire warning or if, because of drought, wind or other reasons, the conditions are such that there is a manifest risk of a forest fire, grass fire or other fire.
  4. The fireworks display does not cause danger to people, property, the environment, or traffic.
  5. The users of fireworks wear safety goggles. The use of safety goggles is also recommended for the spectators.
  6. After the fireworks display, care is taken to ensure that no damage was caused to the nearby environment and that the cleanliness of the place of use is duly attended to. Any waste generated is properly disposed of.
  7. When the fireworks display is planned, the potential restrictions and any notifications required are checked with the environmental authorities of the area.

Instructions on how to light fireworks safely are available on the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes).

The notification of the use of fireworks must be filed no later than five (5) days prior to their use..


Under section 96 of the Rescue Act 379/2011, the majority of the services and supervisory measures carried out by rescue departments are subject to a charge. See the price list of your regional rescue department.

Submitting the notification

Electronically:  TFill out the notification and click "Submit". Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
By post:  The notification can also be sent by post. Fill out the form and click Print. Be sure to include all the necessary attachments in the letter. Mail the notification to the address of the regional rescue department concerned. Check the address of the regional rescue department.

If you need a blank form, njump to the end of the form and click Print.