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When an arsonist strikes...

The share of intentionally lit fires is high, or around 16% at the national level. In other words, on average five fires classified as arson break out in Finland every day. At least in one of these cases, someone sets or tries to set a building on fire (information provided by Pronto).

Arson causes damage amounting to millions of euros each year. Arson is easy to prevent.

Do not give the arsonist a chance...

To prevent and reduce the possibility of arson, you can

  • have brighter outdoor lighting in yard areas and use alarms with motion sensors
  • keep doors locked, use automatic door closers, keep an eye on anyone moving around in outdoor areas
  • attach bike racks, seats and bins to the ground or a wall
  • remove loose objects from yards, pathways, stairways, halls and porches
  • do not store combustible materials in a yard area, in loading bays and next to external walls
  • do not store flammable materials in basements and attics
  • place waste containers in a locked shelter or at least 8 metres away from the wall of the nearest building. Waste containers placed outside a shelter should always have lids that are kept locked

Preventing arson is important to all of us! It helps us protect our property, avoid interruptions to our activities and create a safe operating environment for everyone.

Safe Finland 2025!