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Read the information and instructions provided. See mandatory(*) attachments required for notification, section 2. You can also provide additional information as additional attachments. Before filling out the notification, make sure that you have all attachments ready. Please note, that the attachments max. total size is 7 mb. If you want to save or print the notification, read the instructions in Print (at the end of the notification).

Acts, obligations and instructions


On this form, chimney sweeps can report defects in a building’s fireplace, flue or roof safety equipment as required by section 62 of the Rescue Act 379/2011. Chimney sweeps can also write a free-form report for the rescue department and send it, with any related documentation that they wish, to the rescue department in electronic format as follows:

  • Accept the terms of service in Step 1.
  • Add all the necessary attachments in Step 2. (Please note the allowed file formats.)
  • Fill in the notifier’s details in Step 3.
  • Select the municipality associated with the report in Step 4.
  • Fill in the report details and submit it. The report will be automatically forwarded to the rescue department of the municipality specified in Step 4.

If necessary, you will receive additional information from your local rescue department.

Legal basis

Rescue Act 379/2011, sections 61 and 62 (In Finnish)

The chimney sweep shall give the customer a certificate stating that the chimney was swept. The certificate shall include

  1. the building address,
  2. the chimney sweep’s name,
  3. the date and time of sweeping,
  4. the measures taken, and
  5. any defects and shortcomings observed.

Defects and shortcomings that pose a fire hazard must be listed so that the customer can take the necessary corrective measures.

If chimney sweeps observe serious defects or shortcomings in a fireplace or flue that may pose a fire hazard when the fireplace is used, they must report them to the rescue department in writing. The same applies if they observe serious deficiencies that endanger the safe performance of chimney sweeping.


Rescue Act 379/2011, section 106 (In Finnish)

Anyone who intentionally or through negligence (subsection 1, paragraph 14) fails to comply with the obligation laid down in section 62 to notify authorities of defects or shortcomings in fireplaces and smoke flues shall be sentenced, unless the act shall be considered of minor significance or a more severe punishment for the act is provided elsewhere by law, for a rescue violation to a fine.


Free of charge.

Submitting the report

Electronically: Fill out the notification "Print" a copy and click "Submit". Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
By post: The notification can also be sent by post. Fill out the form and click Print at the end of the form. Be sure to include all the necessary attachments in the letter. Mail the notification to the address of the regional rescue department concerned. Check the address of the regional rescue department.
If you need a blank paper form, go to the end of the form and select Print.