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In the Western Uusimaa region, there are volunteers working for more than 40 contract fire brigades (VPK) as well as part-time personnel in Tenhola and Hanko. Approximately 1,000 people work for the contract fire brigades. They contribute to rescue operations and public safety communication (e.g. advice, training, public events).

The Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department works in close cooperation with the Voluntary Rescue Service (VAPEPA). Cooperation meetings are held four times a year. The Finnish Red Cross serves as the contact organisation and coordinates the activities of Vapepa with regard to general rescue service operations.

The most common situations in which authorities turn to Vapepa are missing person searches, but operations can involve anything from providing emotional support to victims, directing traffic and helping with evacuations.

Suomen Meripelastusseura (Finnish maritime rescue association) coordinates voluntary maritime rescue activities. There are four maritime rescue associations operating in the area of the Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department.

Contract fire brigades on the map

Workspace for Contract fire brigade

Information about fire brigade activities and materials and other content for use by fire brigades (in Finnish)

Contract fire brigades in the area of Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi

There are 17 contract fire brigades operating in the area of Espoo, Kauniainen and Kirkkonummi. Two of them carry out maritime rescue operations.

Fire brigade Contact info
Bobäck FBK WebsiteFacebook page, Instagram page
SMPS-Espoon Meripelastajat ry


Espoon VPK Website
Evitskog FBK Website
Grankulla FBK WebsiteFacebook page
Kauklahden VPK Website
Kylmälä FBK Website
Kyrkslätt FBK Website
Leppävaaran VPK Website
Långvik FBK Website
Navala FBK WebsiteFacebook page
Oitbacka FBK-VPK Website, Facebook page, Instagram
Pitkäjärven VPK Website, Facebook page
SMPS Porkkalan Meripelastajat - Porkala Sjöräddare ry Website
Sökö Sommarö FBK VPK Website, Facebook page
Vanhankylän Seudun VPK Website, Facebook page
Veikkola VPK-FBK Website, Facebook page

Contract fire brigades in the area of Lohja

A total of 13 contract fire brigades operate in Vihti, Karkkila, Nummi-Pusula, Karjalohja and Siuntio. One of them is the industrial fire brigade of the Kirkniemi paper mill in Lohja (Sappi Finland).

Fire brigade Contact info
Karjalohjan VPK Website
Nummelan VPK ry Website
Nummen VPK Website
Paloniemen VPK Website
Pusulan VPK ry Website
Sammatin VPK Website
Sappi Kirkniemi Tehdaspalokunta Fire brigade chief, tel. 050 512 5587
Sjundeå FBK Website
Tuorilan VPK Website
Ventelän VPK Website, Facebook page
Vihdin VPK Website
Vihtijärven VPK Website
Virkkalan VPK Website

Contract fire brigades in the area of Raasepori

A total of 17 contract fire brigades operate in Raseborg, Hanko, Karjaa and Ingå.

Fire brigade Contact info
Backgränd FBK Website
Billnäs FBK Website, Facebook page
Bromarv FBK Facebook page
Ekenäs FBK Website
Ekenäs Skärgårds FBK Facebook page
Hangon Meripelastajat Website
Hangon sivutoiminen henkilöstö, Hangö deltids personal Facebook page
Ingå FBK Website
Karis FBK Website, Facebook page
Lappvik FBK Facebook page
Pojo FBK Facebook page
Skogby FBK Facebook page
Snappertuna FBK Fire brigade chief, tel. 040 505 3077
Svartå FBK Website
Tammisaaren Meripelastajat Ekenäs sjöräddare Website
Tenholan sivutoiminen henkilöstö Tenala deltids personal Fire brigade chief, tel. 0400 776165
Österby FBK Website, Facebook page

Further information

Director of Rescue Services

Situation Centre, tel. 029 151 2112

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