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Some of these organisations are discussed briefly below and other organisations are listed.

Finnish National Rescue Association SPEK

SPEK is a national consultancy and service organisation for fire and rescue services as well as preparedness and civil defence, which aims to prevent dangerous situations and accidents and prepare the nation for them.

SPEK provides training for contract fire brigades, further training for individuals, organisations and the authorities, and safety training for public bodies, central government agencies and businesses.

SPEK also contributes to a range of safety campaigns, performs studies relating to safety, and participates actively in public debates.


Finnish Fire Officers' Association

Is respected security policy debater and a cooperative organization that relies on open partnership and continuous development, providing expert, training and materials services. The union's effectiveness is based on long-term work and direct contact with various authorities and security actors.

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Suomen pelastusalan ammattilaiset SPAL ry

SPAL is the largest trade union for rescue service workers in Finland. The Association advocates and safeguards the interests and rights of rescue service and emergency response centre employees, and promotes their well-being in the labour market.

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Finnish Voluntary Rescue Service

The Finnish Voluntary Rescue Service (Vapepa) is a consortium of 50 organisations coordinated by the Finnish Red Cross. Vapepa supports the authorities, particularly in operations that require a large number of rescue personnel. In such situations, Vapepa can be called in to work in cooperation with the authorities, complementing and supporting police, rescue and social welfare and health care organisations. The most common situations in which the authorities turn to Vapepa are missing person searches, but operations can involve anything from providing accommodation to directing traffic and supporting trauma victims.


Federation of Finnish Contract Fire Brigades (SSPL)

The Federation of Finnish Contract Fire Brigades (SSPL) is an association of volunteer contract fire brigades whose members include volunteer fire brigades, fire brigade associations consisting of personal-contract, and the contract fire brigades of specific institutions or factories.

The Federation contributes actively to the drafting of new acts, decrees, guidelines and regulations.

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Central Association of Chimney Sweeps

The actual members of the Central Association of Chimney Sweeps are chimney sweeps who operate as sole traders. The Association also has support members.

The purpose of the Association is to increase the professional competence of chimney sweeps and to promote their common interests. Finnish vocational schools do not provide education and training for chimney sweeps as they do for most other professions, which is why theoretical training preparing chimney sweeps for their vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications is provided by the Central Association of Chimney Sweeps.

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Finnish Lifeboat Institution

The Finnish Lifeboat Institution is the national umbrella organisation for volunteer maritime rescue associations in Finland. The main purpose of the Finnish Lifeboat Institution is to assist people in distress along the coast and on inland waters. The Institution also promotes boating safety and good seafaring practice in general.

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Finnish Air Rescue Society

The Finnish Air Rescue Society SLPS is a national umbrella organisation for volunteer air rescue services, established in support of the authorities.

The aim of the Society is to provide safe rescue and aerial firefighting services of a high standard to support the work of the authorities (e.g. missing person searches, fire monitoring and reconnaissance flights during forest fires).

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Other organisations