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Hazardous chemicals are stored in many shops and shopping centres, such as

  • hardware shops,
  • paint shops,
  • car supply and spare parts shops, and
  • department stores and supermarkets.

The hazardous chemicals stored in the locations listed above include

  • windscreen washer fluids,
  • paint, solvents and varnishes,
  • petrol for light machinery,
  • lighter liquids,
  • LPG (including, but not limited to, barbecue gases, camp stove fuels), and
  • aerosols.

Storing flammable liquids and aerosols carries the risk of the rapid development and spreading of fires. For this reason, hazardous chemicals in stores and shopping centres are subject to quantity restrictions, and certain protective measures are required for storage.

Instructions, recommendations, quantitative restrictions and protection requirements are presented in the Tukes guide (In Finnish). Note:

  • If the amount of flammable liquids, aerosols and gases exceeds the notification threshold, the operator must submit a chemical notification to the rescue authority. The rescue authority will make a decision based on the notification and conduct an inspection. Submit a notification at least one (1) month before the start of operations.
  • The notification form and instructions can be found on the website of the local rescue department. Please contact the rescue department if you need more information and instructions.
  • If the amount of flammable liquids, aerosols and gases is small (below the notification threshold), the storage does not require a chemical notification. The rescue authority supervises storage in connection with fire inspections.

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