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Abnormal situations at public events

Abnormal situations, such as fires, problems caused by the weather, the collapse of temporary structures or disruptive behaviour may require an event to be partially or completely interrupted, closed entirely or momentarily suspended. In case of a serious incident, the event area or a part thereof may need to be evacuated.

In connection with safety planning, the organiser must outline their preparations for interrupting and evacuating the event. The event’s emergency plan must present detailed evacuation arrangements, such as the anticipation of situations requiring evacuation, and equipment and instructions related to evacuation and the necessary public announcements.

The interruption and evacuation of the event is decided by the organiser, the person responsible for safety or a public authority. In the event of an evacuation, security guards and other personnel guide the public in evacuating away from danger using the nearest safe escape routes. The public can be guided using, for example, sound systems and megaphones. In addition, screens connected to the stage and other display and guidance devices in the area can be used.