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Palomies pumpulla

Notify for prescribed burning

The person carrying out prescribed burning must notify the rescue department, after which he or she is still responsible for the safety of this operation. Where large areas are burned, dry conditions and wind increase the risk of the fire spreading uncontrollably, even after the operation has been completed. Prescribed burning of forest land can only be carried out under the supervision of a forestry professional with experience in this work.

When carrying out prescribed burning, make sure that the smoke produced by the fire will not cause problems for the environment or neighbours.

Everyone should be careful and cautious to avoid the risk of fire and the damage caused by it. Before prescribed burning, always check any warnings issued by the Finnish Meteorological Institute and take into account the current wind and weather conditions. 

Caution is needed in prescribed burning

  • •    if particular care is taken, prescribed burning can also be carried out during a dry spell, unless the regional rescue authorities have prohibited the making of open fires in their rescue service regions or parts of them for a specific period of time.
    •    prescribed burning of forest land shall always be carried out under the supervision of a forestry professional who has practical experience of this work.
    •    the person carrying out the burning must notify the rescue department in advance
    •    the duty to notify also applies to other use of fire that generates a substantial amount of smoke

Be careful and remember to keep watch in the area afterwards.

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