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Unusual venues and their assessment

Public events are primarily organised at venues intended for assemblies. Assembly facilities include restaurants, concert halls, theatres, sports stadiums and multipurpose halls. However, if an organiser wishes to hold a public event in a space intended for a different purpose, such as an industrial hall or an office, they must contact the rescue authority in good time. The building control authority must be contacted to determine the need for a building permit.

The rescue department will evaluate the suitability of the facility for a gathering from the point of view of fire and evacuation safety. The fire and evacuation safety of an unusual venue must be at the same level as that of assembly facilities. The maximum capacity of a venue depends on the fire class of the building, its floor area and the widths of the escape routes. The venue must have sufficient initial fire extinguishing equipment. In addition, it must be equipped, where necessary, with escape route markings and exit lights. In some cases, special arrangements, such as an increased number of guards or safety technology, are needed to ensure adequate fire and evacuation safety. Even with special arrangements, not all facilities are suitable for public events.

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