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Emergency warnings alert the public

An emergency warning may be issued to warn the public if:

  • there is a threat to life or health or the environment
  • property is at risk of destruction or significant damage

If necessary, the emergency warning gives instructions on how you can protect yourself from a dangerous incident or its consequences and how you can avoid hazardous situations. This way, an emergency warning also supports citizens’ self-preparedness.

An emergency warning may be issued by the following authorities:

  • Rescue authorities
  • Police departments
  • Border Guard authorities
  • Emergency Response Centre Administration
  • National Police Board
  • National units under the National Police Board
  • Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Finnish Transport Agency
  • Finnish Transport Safety Agency
  • Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira)
  • National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira)
  • Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea)
  • All ministries

As a rule, the task of the Emergency Response Centre Administration is to pass on the emergency warning to Yleisradio.

An emergency warning is read out as a regional warning on the radio. If an authority so decides, an emergency warning may also cover the entire country, in which case the television will also be used. All emergency warnings are displayed on teletext page 112. Emergency warnings are also posted on the websites, and

Do not believe everything you read on the social media and check the source of the information you find there!

Informing the public about incidents that affect emergency communications

According to a recommendation issued by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, telecommunications companies should inform the public of any incidents that affect the communications network as well as network and telecommunications services that are important for emergency calls. In major unexpected incidents, the Emergency Response Centre may give an emergency warning to tell the public that emergency communications have been blocked.

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