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Preparing a rescue plan

By preparing a rescue plan, the owner or occupant of a building or an operator using it demonstrate that they recognise the hazards associated with the building and the activities carried out in it. The rescue plan describes preparation for these hazards.

At best, the rescue plan is a document that covers all matters relevant to the safety of the building and the people inside it. The minimum requirement set for a rescue plan is that it addresses the Rescue Act provisions on independent preparedness and fire prevention. The plan should describe how the building can be used and activities in it carried out safely.

Engage those who live and work in the building in preparing a plan

In addition to fire safety matters for which the owner or occupant of the building is responsible, the rescue plan also takes into account the responsibilities of those who use the property. When preparing a rescue plan, you should ensure that everyone living or working in the property or visiting it can understand the safety impacts of the matters recorded in the plan and find the information they need.

There is no ready-made template for a rescue plan

Each community should prepare its own rescue plan, and its contents will depend on the type of activities carried out in the property or any hazardous situations that can be anticipated. The best results will be achieved when the persons who live and work in the building participate in preparing the rescue plan in addition to those responsible for safety. At the planning stage, it is also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the rescue plans prepared by other similar communities.

The rescue plan includes/should contain

  • an assessment of hazards and risks
  • the safety arrangements of the building and facilities used for the activities
  • instructions for preventing accidents for those who use the premises
  • instructions on what to do in case of an accident or an incident
  • any other measures related to self-preparedness on the premises