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A woman and a man in front of a fire unit.

Rescue Department issues award to two persons who rescued a man from icy water

On Good Friday 29 March at around 11 am Jan Strandholm and Johanna Suhonen were walking along a path in the northern part of Kulosaari when they spotted a person in a hole in the ice off the shore. They could not hear any calls for help.
Press release Helsinki Rescue services, 1.5.2024 6:34
Four men walking in a civil defence shelter

Helsinki to invest millions in repairing civil defence shelters

Renovation of Niemenmäki civil defence shelter completed in March, more shelters to be renovated.
Press release Helsinki Rescue services, 18.4.2024 14:58
Rescuers wearing protective overalls

Rescue Department receiving over 400 000 euros EU funding for CBRNE capabilities

The Ministry of the Interior has granted EU funding from the Internal Security Fund (ISF) to the Helsinki City Rescue Department for equipment acquisitions to strengthen the department’s preparedness for demanding CBRNE incidents involving chemical substances, biological pathogens, radioactive substances, nuclear weapons or explosives.
Press release Helsinki Rescue services, 28.3.2024 9:44
Firefighter paramedics Suvi and Saku in the equipment hall

Surprise and community spirit are the best thing about being a rescuer

Saku Kaipainen and Suvi Johansson have extensive experience: both have worked for the Helsinki City Rescue Department as firefighters and paramedics, Saku for almost 25 years and Suvi for approximately seven years.
Press release Helsinki Rescue services, 22.3.2024 12:59