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What should I do if I see an animal in need of help?

In some situations also animals needs help and you should contact the authorities to ask for help.

If public safety is at risk, call 112. Such situations include an elk or a deer on the road. Wild animals are often seen close to cities. This is normal, so there is no need to worry about just seeing an animal.

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Wild animal in distress

According to the Animal Welfare Act, the aim is always to help a wild animal that is sick, injured or otherwise helpless. Or at least ensure that it receives appropriate treatment. Use the help of an expert when you are unsure and your own expertise in assessing the condition of the animal is not enough. Ask advice from Animal Welfare Finland or Korkeasaari Wildlife Hospital. Animal Welfare Finland website contains the necessary contact information and further instructions.

You can call 112:

  • about an animal welfare offence, or a dangerous situation or public order disruption caused by an animal
  • if an animal has got onto a motorway, for example, or you notice a large carnivore in an urban area
  • a farm animal needs help: for example, it needs to be rescued from a landslide, or it has fallen through the ice or into a well and needs to be lifted out

The purpose of the Animal Welfare Act is to protect animals from suffering, pain and distress as far as possible. Its objectives also include promoting the welfare and good treatment of animals.

Mistreatment of an animal

If you suspect that an animal is treated in a way that you think is wrong or see an animal being treated badly, you should first contact the local veterinarian responsible for animal welfare during office hours, or the police. In an emergency call 112.

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