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A power cut always takes you by surprise

During the first hours of a power cut it may be very difficult to know when the fault can be repaired. Companies usually start repairing faults in the order in which they occur and are reported. However, critical areas and special sites are always prioritised.

Before you start making calls, remember that electricity companies usually know immediately when a part of the grid is down.

Websites for monitoring the situation are a good source of information about the seriousness and scale of any incidents. You should also save your network company's fault service number on your phone. In addition, many electricity companies have their own applications that provide further information.

Prepare for a power cut

To prepare for a power cut, it is a good idea to have some emergency supplies at home. This will help you cope with even a longer power cut without major problems. These supplies include enough food, drink and other daily necessities for several days or even a week.

Your supplies in case of a power cut should include:

  • a torch, candles and matches
  • a battery-powered radio
  • spare batteries for the radio and torch
  • spare fuses
  • a power bank for charging your phone without mains power
  • a small amount of cash
  • tinned and dry foods
  • painkillers, bandages and sticking plasters
  • disinfectant gel and wet wipes
  • firewood if you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove

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