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The supervision activities of Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department are described in the supervision plan. 

The supervision plan is based on the Rescue Department’s service level decision and local risk assessment. The supervision plan describes the content of the supervision activities, supervisory cooperation with other authorities, resources used for supervision and the monitoring of the effectiveness of supervision activities and the implementation of planned supervision.

Supervision plan, in Finnish

Fire inspection advance letter, in Finnish  

Advance letter to fire detector site, in Finnish  

Supervision fees

Our service price list provides up-to-date information on supervision fees.

You can file a complaint with the Rescue Department about a payment that you consider to be incorrect. 

File the complaint using the form below and send it to the Rescue Department by e-mail or letter. Contact information can be found on the complaint form. 


Complaint about fire inspection fee, Pdf, in Finnish

Additional information 

On-duty fire inspector, tel. 09 8162 6815, weekdays 9:00–11:30.

Situation centre, tel. 09 8162 8699

Give feedback in the City of Espoo's feedback service