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Safety training and communications are core activities

Safety training is an important part of the rescue departments’ safety communications. Safety training is always systematic and goal-oriented. It may include lectures on safety themes, lessons, teaching sessions, safety walks, and exercises in first aid firefighting or similar.

The key objective of safety training is to ensure that the participants understand and are aware of the important role they play in accident prevention and action that should be taken when accidents and incidents occur.

Rescue departments provide training

The rescue departments primarily provide safety training for the following target groups:

  • staff at hospitals and care institutions
  • staff at children’s homes, reform schools and penal institutions
  • outpatient service and private home care staff and residents receiving the services
  • staff at day-care and family day-care centres and pre-school pupils
  • staff in basic education schools
  • comprehensive school pupils
  • staff and students in upper secondary educational institutions
  • immigrants
  • older people
  • members of non-profit associations and organisations.

The training content and target groups of different rescue departments vary.

For more information about training provided by rescue departments, contact your local rescue department.