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Did you get a fire safety self-assessment letter at your home? So you have received mail from your rescue department. By completing the self-assessment form carefully, you can also check that the fire safety issues in your home are in order.

It is important that you return the form to the Rescue Department according to the requested schedule. If the form is not returned or significant deficiencies in the fire safety of your home are detected on the basis of the form, the Rescue Department may carry out a fire inspection at your home. We want to ensure that the homes of the residents of our region are as safe as possible and that there are no fires.

With the letter, you also received the small house fire safety guide, which contains information about home safety issues. If you have lost the guide, you can also view it electronically via the link: Small house fire safety guide.

Fire safety self-assessment letters are sent in Western Uusimaa in accordance with the annual plan of the Rescue Department.

Additional information

On-duty fire inspector
tel. 029 151 2512, weekdays 9:00–11:30

Situation centre tel. 029 151 2112

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