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Working to keep everyone safe

The purpose of the legislation on rescue services is to improve the safety of people and to prevent and reduce the number of accidents. Supervision of business and institutional sites is targeted on the basis of threats to life, property, the environment and cultural values. The threats are examined on the basis of statistical data and expert assessments.

During a fire inspection, guidance for improving safety can be provided.

Rescue departments carry out supervision and inspections

The rescue departments identify targets for supervision based on the risks relevant to their areas. Fire inspections and other supervisory measures are set out in the department's regional supervision plan.

At a fire inspection, the site should as a rule be represented by the owner or occupier, or a person directly accountable to them who is responsible for safety matters. For example, this can be the property manager, managing director, safety manager, head of safety, or the person responsible for the activities of the inspected unit.
Notification of inspections of business and institutional sites is given in advance digitally or by letter or telephone.

The purpose of supervision is to improve people's safety and reduce accidents. It helps to improve people’s and organisations’ ability to take action in the event of an accident. The focus of supervision carried out by the rescue authority is on prevention of fires and other accidents and evacuation safety in buildings. In addition, the rescue authority ensures that the best possible conditions for rescue are provided in case of an accident.

At fire inspections, attention is paid to independent preparedness.

The rescue department's supervisory task comprises a number of different measures. For example, it may include supervision based on documents, assessment of reports, supervisory visits and guidance. Supervision is carried out in close cooperation between different authorities. 

If you need fire inspection or want to have more information about supervision and fire inspections, contact your local rescue department.