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Keep the emergency access road clear

An emergency access road is a road or route marked separately with traffic signs. The emergency access road is designed to allow emergency vehicles to get close enough to the building in an emergency. If there is an accident, emergency access roads are used to save people, animals and property. A rescue mission may make it necessary to approach the scene from a different direction, not using the normal access road. It is also important for fire brigade units to get close to supply points where they have access to extinguishing water.

  • The emergency access road is marked with traffic signs, and no vehicles may be parked, or other obstacles placed on it (concrete roadblocks, barriers, flower boxes, etc.).
  • Special care must be taken to maintain the emergency access road, especially in winter.
  • Irregular parking can be controlled by working together with the maintenance company and the police, for example.

Do not park on the emergency access road!

Emergency vehicles need to get through...

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Ministry of the Interior Decree on Signposting Emergency Access Roads (in Finnish)
Section 11 of the Rescue Act: Emergency access roads (in Finnish)