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We want Helsinki to be a safe place for all of us to live, move around, work, study and spend free time. The role of the Rescue Department is to increase the ability and preconditions of Helsinki residents to act safely.

As the capital and Finland’s largest city, Helsinki has many special characteristics that need to be taken into account in accident prevention work. Helsinki is a key centre of administration, culture and events, with large shopping centres, lively traffic hubs, ports and an archipelago, underground and high-rise construction, as well as socially important infrastructure and buildings. Helsinki is also a city to which people commute for work and a lively tourist destination.

In this complex field of operations, we need diverse accident prevention services, which include training, campaigns, supervision, guidance and multi-channel communication, as well as an active presence in social media.

The accident prevention services unit employs safety trainers, fire inspectors, planners and experts. 

Aiming to be the world’s safest city 

The basic idea behind accident prevention is to look at the city and safety from the client’s perspective. That is why our services are built on the various functions and operating environments in which the city’s residents are mainly involved: housing, early childhood education and studies, work, leisure and transport. In addition, the built urban environment itself is examined as its own operating environment. In all these environments, the Rescue Department is involved in making Helsinki the safest city in the world in accordance with the strategic objectives.

An animated picture of Helsinki city centre


You can read more about our accident prevention services from the page Safe Helsinki