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Ask for help

The on-call fire inspector answers Helsinki residents’ questions about fire safety. The on-call fire inspector is also available by email.

Tel. 09 310 31203 (on weekdays 9-11 and 12-14) (on weekdays 9-15)

You can learn important skills in our safety trainings. We organize both open and customized trainings. 

Please notify us of obvious risks of fire or other accidents in the following ways:

Download the 112 Suomi app! You can find more information about useful services and order public warnings in the app. When you call the emergency number through the app, it automatically gives the Emergency Response Centre (ERC) your location (if you enable location sharing in the app settings).

The City of Helsinki’s advisory services in aggregate form


p. 09 310 11111, open Mon–Thu 9.00–16.00, Fri 10.00–15.00. Helsinki-info provides information on, for example:

  • city services
  • events
  • matters related to immigration and
  • use of digital services

Public Service Info

p. 0295 000, Mon–Fri 8.00–21.00, Sat 9.00–15.00. Public Service Info directs you to the right service and advises you on using services.

Crisis emergency services

p. 09 310 44222, open 24/7. Crisis emergency services provide acute crisis assistance to Helsinki residents and others in Helsinki in sudden crisis situations. These may include, for example, the sudden death of a loved one, situations involving violence, serious injury or illness, as well as fires and various accidents.

Poison Information Center

p. 0800 147 111 (free of charge) / 09 471 977 (regular price), open 24/7. The Poison Information Center helpline answers questions about the prevention and treatment of acute poisoning in humans. The Poison Information Center helpline is national.

Medical Helpline

p. 116117, open 24/7. Call the Medical Helpline before going to the emergency clinic. When your health station is open, seek assistance there. The Medical Helpline helps you in the hours when your health station is closed. In non-urgent matters, please wait for your health station to open.

Senior Info

p. 09 310 44556, open Mon–Fri 9.00–15.00. Senior Info provides information and guidance on services for older people offered by the city, companies and associations by phone, email and chat. You can contact Senior Info if you need someone to talk to or something to do. We provide information and guidance on, for example, smoother everyday life, mobility and housing. We can discuss together what kind of support would be useful for you.

Emergency Social Services

p. 0206 96006, open 24/7. Emergency social services help people in urgent need of care, protection and help in the evenings and on weekends. The urgent need for social services may be related to, for example, the unsafe conditions of a child, worrying behaviour of a young person, domestic violence or concern for the ability of an older person or a person with disabilities to cope.