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Our fire inspectors carry out supervision in various properties, public premises, residential buildings and public events, among other places. The aim of supervision is to prevent personal, environmental and property damage and improve the safety culture of sites, particularly in terms of fire and evacuation safety. As a key part of the supervision, we aim to ensure the conditions for rescue and emergency medical services and the occupational safety of firefighters in an ever-growing city. We supervise the small-scale industrial handling and storage of chemicals.

Periodic fire inspections are carried out to ensure that the owner, occupant and operator of a building comply with their obligations. The periodic fire inspections are carried out in accordance with the accident prevention plan. The frequency of inspections depends on the site and the previous inspections. Inspections may also be carried out in response to accident risk notifications.

The inspections focus on self-preparedness and safety culture by providing guidance and advice as part of the supervision. The aim is to create the safest operating environment possible through cooperation.

Supervision of residential buildings

The aim of the supervision is to support the work on the safety of residential buildings and to help improve the safety of housing.

Notification of an obvious risk of a fire or other accident

‘Fire-risk home’ refers to a flat or a building where an obvious fire hazard has been identified. Typically, fire-risk homes are filled with a lot of clutter.

Periodic fire inspection

The objective of fire inspections is to support the operator’s independent preparedness and to monitor compliance with the Rescue Act.

Supervision of chemicals (In Finnish)

Guidance and advice for structural fire safety

We guide town planners and people undertaking construction projects on structural fire safety.

Supervision of public events

A public event is a planned gathering with a specific purpose, and a beginning and an end. Helsinki City Rescue Department supervises the safety of public events and provides guidance and advice on the preparation of the emergency plan and safety arrangements.

Rescue services equipment

City of Helsinki Rescue Department provides services related to fire alarm systems, fire extinguishing equipment, site information forms and emergency key boxes.

Evacuation safety reports

Evacuation safety means that the persons in the building are able to leave the building in the event of a fire or other sudden dangerous situations, or they can be evacuated in another way.

Temporary accommodation in places of assembly

Temporary accommodation may be arranged in premises that have not been approved for overnight stays or accommodation, subject to certain conditions. The rescue authority supervises that temporary accommodation complies with the requirements of the Rescue Act.

Safety communications

The aim of safety communications and education is to improve the readiness of individuals and organisations to take care of safety independently.

The on-call fire inspector

The on-call fire inspector
09 310 31203

The on-call fire inspector answers Helsinki residents’ questions about fire safety Mon–Fri at 9.00–11.00 and 12.00–14.00 and by email at Mon–Fri at 9.00–15.00.

If you have any questions about a specific fire inspection, please contact the fire inspector who carried out the inspection directly. You can find the contact information in, for example, the fire inspection report.