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Our values are community spirit, reliability, equality, and relevance. We also recognize the common values of the rescue industry by acting in a humane, professional, and reliable manner.

Community spirit
Good team spirit is the foundation of everything we do. Our close-knit working community is one of our most important assets. We solve problems together and face everyday life together. By supporting each other and working together with our customers and stakeholders, we make Helsinki a safe place to live.

We are ultimate professionals. We trust each other and people trust us. You can recognise a Helsinki Rescue Department employee by their expertise. We are developing our professional skills and are a proud pioneer in the field of rescue. We are worthy of trust and will continue to be.

We treat each other and our customers with equality and respect. We are fair, honest and open. All our actions are always based on equality and respect.  For us, diversity is an asset.

We do socially important and meaningful work for people. We work to safeguard the lives of citizens and create safety in society. Helping is our mission and we do our job wholeheartedly, even in difficult situations.