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Duty and organisation

We work for the safety of the capital of Finland and its residents and visitors. 

Administration and decision-making

Rescue services are part of the Ministry of the Interior’s administrative sector and national steering.


Helsinki City Rescue Department’s vision is that Helsinki is the safest city in the world. 


Our values are community spirit, reliability, equality and relevance.

Service level decision and self-monitoring 

In the service level decision, it is decided how the statutory duties of the Rescue Department are handled and what the other key priorities and areas of development. 


We follow international and domestic research in the field, in addition to which we also study phenomena related to rescue services, safety, personnel and the operating environment.

Key figures of operations

We publish an interactive report on the key figures of our operations.

Preparedness and contingency planning

We prepare for disruptions and exceptional situations in normal conditions as well as for emergency conditions.


Rescue stations

Helsinki City Rescue Department has 12 rescue stations, four sea rescue stations, an oil spill response station, a technical base and a training area.

Volunteer work

Voluntary work and contract fire brigades are an important part of Helsinki City Rescue Department’s operations.

Helsinki Fire Brigade Orchestra

The Helsinki Fire Brigade Orchestra is an amateur wind band that operates under the patronage of the Helsinki City Rescue Department.