Dare to help in an emergency

Publication date 27.4.2023 12.12
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We may unexpectedly become involved in an emergency situation. For example, we may come across a traffic accident or encounter a person who has fallen badly on the street. Both the Rescue Act and the Road Traffic Act require all of us to assist those in an emergency. The best helper is the one who acts immediately. Take a look at the checklist for guidance.

Checklist for emergencies

  • If you have the slightest suspicion that there is an emergency, try to confirm the situation and call the emergency number 112 if necessary. If you are unsure, it is better to call the emergency number than not to call. Offering help is never futile; it is taking responsibility.
  • Take care of your own safety. If you cannot help without risking your own safety, you should still call 112 and report the situation you have witnessed. 
  • Always know your location as it helps emergency teams to reach you faster. Download the 112 Suomi application on your smart phone, and it will automatically transmit your location data to the emergency response centre when you call the emergency number.
  • Remember that everyone can help! Each of us can be helpful in an emergency. Even if you do not know how to act, you can still call the emergency number and receive the right instructions for what to do. You can gain more preparedness and confidence in how to act in an emergency by taking first aid training and familiarising yourself with emergency guidelines. 

Have the courage to act independently. Even if other bystanders are just watching from the sidelines or driving past the scene of an accident, they may be asking themselves the same questions as you. Dare to help. Everyone has the right to receive help in an emergency. 

When to call emergency number 112?

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