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Sea rescue and oil spill response

We are well prepared for rescue operations at sea and in the archipelago and for environmental accidents, such as oil spills.
Our performance at sea is created by several vessels of different sizes and a crew with the required qualifications for professional navigation and the necessary qualifications and competence for all marine duties — oil spill response, fire-fighting and rescue operations and emergency medical service. We are able to operate efficiently both on the open sea and in the narrow passages and shallow waters of the archipelago.

Our vessels are capable of carrying offshore booms to the target area, extracting large quantities of oil from the sea and accommodating the crew in a long-lasting situation. Our multi-purpose boats are also equipped with fire-fighting and rescue equipment as well as treatment equipment required for first response duties and stretcher transport places. In addition, the City of Helsinki’s divisions and contract fire brigades have similar equipment.

The Rescue Department’s sea rescue stations are located in Kaivopuisto, Herttoniemi, Vuosaari and Suomenlinna. Our oil spill response depot is in Santahamina. For oil spills on land, we have a rescue vehicle designed for oil spill response.

Rescue diving

The firefighters’ diploma provides the skills needed for surface rescue. However, our rescue divers are specially trained professionals. The rescue divers are stationed at the Erottaja Rescue Station. Rescue divers are transported to the scene of the accident by rescue unit, boat or, if necessary, helicopter.