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Operating under the Helsinki City Rescue Department, the Rescue School trains rescue professional capable of working as firefighters and paramedics in the particular conditions of the Finnish capital. The oldest institution training rescuers in Finland, the Helsinki Rescue School opened its doors in spring 1972.

Studies completed at the Rescue School serve as a preparation for work in safety specialist duties ranging from accident prevention and versatile rescue operations to emergency medical and ambulance services. After graduation from the Rescue School, those completing their studies with high marks will find employment at the Helsinki Rescue Department.

The rescuer training provided at the Rescue School is a two-year vocational degree, with its curriculum following that of the state-run Emergency Services Academy Finland, supplemented by studies focusing on the characteristics of the Finnish capital.

Practical exercises and on-the-job learning play a central role in this training. During the periods between academic years, students participate in guided and paid on-the-job learning modules at various rescue stations across Helsinki. After completing the rescuer course, studying continues alongside work on an apprenticeship basis. Lasting two years, the apprenticeship training concludes with a practical-nurse qualification, which qualifies the new rescuers to work as basic-level paramedics.

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Additionally, the Rescue School also provides an opportunity to complete a Sub-Officer qualification, while an Officer qualification can be taken at the Emergency Services Academy Finland in Kuopio.

The application period for the Rescue School’s rescuer courses is always early in the year in January, with the studies beginning at the start of September. The detailed application instructions will be published at this website well before the application period opens.

Rescue School contact details
Training Manager, tel. +358 9 310 31266

Street address:
Tyynenmerenkatu 1
00220 Helsinki

Postal address:
Helsinki City Rescue Department
Rescue School
P.O. Box 112
00099 City of Helsinki