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Helsinki City Rescue Department’s vision is that Helsinki is the safest city in the world. The mission of the department is to provide security and help in times of need.
The Rescue Department’s strategy extends to 2025 and is based on an analysis of the operating environment and the City of Helsinki’s strategy. More detailed measures have been defined for the strategic objectives, the realisation of which is monitored at regular intervals.

Society is changing –  the Rescue Department with it

  • An ageing and diversifying population and growing social and societal inequalities are challenging service provision.
  • The reform of social services, health and rescue services offers opportunities and is encouraging us to reform.
  • The availability of skilled personnel is a challenge that also strongly affects Helsinki City Rescue Department.
  • Technological developments are changing the safety environment and requiring new skills from the Rescue Department.
  • Slowing down climate change and adapting to it requires immediate action.

Our goal - Helsinki the safest city in the world

Helsinki City Rescue Department meets the needs of a growing, ageing and diversifying city.
We are anticipating and preparing for the impacts of climate change and other major drivers of change.
We are the best provider of emergency care in the capital. Our work is customer-driven, visible to citizens and influential for society.

Our mission - provide security and help

Our mission is to provide safety by reducing the number of accidents and their consequences. We care about people, strengthen the sense of security and provide help in times of need.
We guide people, businesses and communities in how to prepare themselves. We safeguard the city’s operations in all situations.

Strategic goals

  • To develop the availability of rescue operations and emergency medical services to meet the needs and service-level requirements of a growing and developing capital city.
  • To decrease the number of non-emergency tasks in cooperation with stakeholders.
  • To take a customer-centred approach to accident prevention and make our accident prevention services smoother.
  • To update our municipal civil defence preparedness to respond to the threats and needs identified.
  • To develop our role as a regional centre for rescue services in Finland.
  • To develop data management and analytics to meet the requirements of evolving rescue services and the Rescue Department.
  • To develop the skills of our staff in a long-term and systematic way, so that we can respond to changing customer needs and changes in the operating environment.
  • To strengthen our employer image and ensure staff availability and retention.
  • To use digitalisation and new technologies to make our services even more effective and customer-oriented.
  • To develop our services in Swedish and other languages to promote non-discriminatory services in Helsinki’s multicultural environment.
  • To be active in creating solutions in Helsinki to achieve the objectives set in the reform of healthcare, social welfare and rescue services.
  • To increase productivity by rewarding individual and group performance.