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Service level decision for 2024-2026

Helsinki City Rescue Department is responsible for rescue operations in the area, emergency medical service and supervision, safety communications and other guidance and advice related to accident prevention and preparedness. In addition, the Rescue Department is responsible for contingency planning in emergency conditions as well as the development, planning and coordination of civil defence preparedness in Helsinki.

In accordance with the Rescue Act, the rescue services decide on the service level in their area after consulting the municipalities. The service level provided by the rescue services must correspond to the local needs and threats of accidents. The service level decision is the most important target document, which includes target descriptions concerning the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of rescue services.

In the service level decision, it is decided how the statutory duties of the Rescue Department are handled and what the other key priorities and areas of development in the operation are. The service level decision prepared by the Rescue Department includes the threats in the area, the estimates of the risks arising from them, the objectives of the operations and the resources used, as well as the services and their level. The service level decision guides the strategic planning of the Rescue Department and the preparation of annual operational and financial plans.

Service level decision of rescue services in Helsinki 2024-2026

Self-monitoring in rescue services in Helsinki

According to the Act on Organising Healthcare and Social Welfare Services, self-monitoring must be carried out as part of the organisation and production of services. The aim of self-monitoring is to ensure the quality, availability and effectiveness of services as well as the legality of operations.

Self-monitoring is quality work to develop service production by making observations, agreeing on measures and communicating observations and measures. Self-monitoring produces information for the internal control needs of the service provider.

Self-monitoring program of rescue services in Helsinki 2023
Self-monitoring report 2023