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Helsinki City Rescue Department has 12 rescue stations, four sea rescue stations, an oil spill response station, a technical base and a training area. Each rescue station has both rescue units and ambulances.

Central Rescue Station
The Central Rescue Station is the administrative centre of the Rescue Department. This station is also home to the Situation Centre, the heavy rescue unit, the animal rescue unit and the disaster unit.
The station also has the Rescue Department’s equipment maintenance.
Street address:
Agricolankatu 15 A
00530 Helsinki

The specialities of Erottaja Rescue Station include the Suomenlinna tunnel unit and the respiratory protective device unit. The station also is also home to the Rescue Department’s compressed air maintenance station. Other special features at Erottaja include rescue divers and the sea rescue station personnel. The station also includes the structural fire safety guidance group and the fire inspectors who carry out public event supervision.
The station is also home to the Fire Museum.
If necessary, Erottaja Rescue Station provides staff for the Kaivopuisto Sea Rescue Station and the Suomenlinna Rescue Station.
Street address:
Korkeavuorenkatu 26
00130 Helsinki

Suomenlinna Rescue Station is staffed annually from May to the end of October by two firefighter paramedics. During the winter season, when the rescue station is not staffed, the island’s rescue operations and emergency medical service are handled by the Erottaja Rescue Station.
Street address:
00190 Helsinki

The Rescue School and the rescue services’ fast response units and ambulances operate at the Jätkäsaari Rescue Station.
Street address:
Tyynenmerenkatu 1
00220 Helsinki

In addition to the operative personnel, the Haaga station is staffed by fire inspectors, preparedness personnel, safety trainers and the Premises Unit of the Rescue Department’s Technical Services.
Street address: 
Vanha Turun maantie 2 

The new Konala Rescue Station has a rescue unit, a basic ambulance and a CBRNE special unit. The station’s personnel are specially trained to respond to situations caused by chemical, biological and radioactive substances as well as nuclear and explosive accidents.  
Street address:
Muonamiehentie 13
00390 Helsinki

The special equipment of Käpylä Rescue Station includes a damage limitation container. 
Street address:
Kullervonkatu 7
00600 Helsinki

Malmi Rescue Station specialises in accidents in the sea area, and the station is home to a MIRG (Maritime Incident Response Group) whose members are specially trained for maritime operations. In the event of an accident in the sea area, the group cooperates with the Finnish Border Guard. In addition, the special expertise of the Malmi Rescue Station crew includes rescues from particularly high or low locations. This refers to rescue missions that are located, for example, in tall buildings or in shafts and excavations.
The workshop and central storage facilities of the Rescue Department are located at Malmi.
Street address:
00700 Helsinki

The special expertise of Herttoniemi Rescue Station includes oil spill response in land and sea areas.
If necessary, Herttoniemi Rescue Station also occupies the Santahamina oil spill response depot in the area.
Street address:
Sorvaajankatu 16
00880 Helsinki

The Mellunkylä station has special equipment that is placed in transport containers. For the transport of the containers, the station has its own unit.
The station also has all-terrain vehicles, which allow firefighters to move in difficult terrain, underground tunnels and large public events.
Mellunkylä Rescue Station also provides staff for the sea rescue station in the area.
The Rescue Department’s and the contract fire departments’ hose maintenance has been centralised to the Mellunkylä Station. The station also serves as one of the locations of the Helsinki City Rescue Department's safety trainers.
Street address:
Linnanpajantie 6

The rescue services’ fast response units and ambulances operate at the light rescue station in Kontula.
The construction of a rescue station in Kontula will begin in 2023.
Street address:
00940 Helsinki

The rescue services’ fast response unit operate at the light rescue station in Suutarila.
Street address:
Tullikirjurikuja 4
00750 Helsinki